Our services

* Contact us if the service related to your project is not listed.

Surface works

With their experience, our experts take care of all the surface works, no matter their size.
Our services*

  • Project Management
  • Management and supervision of work teams
  • Study of sites affected by UXO
  • Authorization and Compliance Requests
  • UXO detection
  • UXO removal
  • Transport of FFE certified munitions and debris (Free from Explosives)
  • Inventory and characterization of UXO
  • Quality control
  • Technical assistance
  • Training and staff training (under development)

Underwater works

When working underwater, our team works according to the targeted objectives while minimizing the risks for the environment. Each of our diving operations is performed in accordance with CAN/CSA strict regulations.
Our services*

  • Project Management
  • Analysis
  • UXO detection
  • UXO removal
  • Management and supervision of diving teams
  • Search
  • Minor works
  • Sediment sampling
  • Technical assistance

Preventive measures: escort and avoidance

For companies or scientists wishing to do work or samples, Mine EOD offers an escort service in UXO contaminated areas. Very useful for the areas of biological studies, sediment sampling, coring and geophysical analysis, this service is always designed in close collaboration with the client to offer the best solutions while maximizing safety. We are proud to have a 100% success rate for this type of operation.

Geophysical analyzes

Mine EOD has the know-how to direct geophysical analysis projects, whatever their situation, their size or their surface (land or water).
Our services*

  • Magnetic surveys with towed platforms (4.8 or 16 fluxgate gradiometers) on land and water
  • Electromagnetic readings with towed platform (up to 3 coils EM)
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • DGPS positioning in centimetric accuracy, RTK mode
  • Blasting vibration control with 4-channel seismograph (3 on geophone, 1 on microphone or 2 hydrophones under water)
  • Digital Data Acquisition (DGM – Digital Geophysical Mapping)
  • Data processing on GEOSOFT software